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Future Learning

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Open Source Content Editing

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Why E-Learning is So Effective » The Rapid eLearning Blog

Why E-Learning is So Effective » The Rapid eLearning Blog

Plus point of e learning

In my opinion in e learning or technology enhanced learning the great advantage is we can see thes students performance asif we are watching behind a glass and we know where they go wrong and we can correct them at that spot. In face to face teaching teacher is not that much a close watcher of the student , only after the student makes a mistake teacher knows it not able to identify the spot of mistake.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Online Teaching - The Future Of Learning

This field is still in its childhood stage as it doesnt cross its 10 years . But it is a revolutionary change in education and learning.It proved that learning and teaching doesn't need any type of scenes or structures. This is happening only through minds of teacher and learner.It is where the learner needs to concentrate more, to make it completely beneficial.From the teacher's aspect also, she needs to update her knowledge on a daily basis. Here the teacher also becomes a keen learner who needs to fulfill her student's quest for knowledge.

Especially today's children are in the world of opportunities and information exploration.So they need a guide to guide them in straight path. To pick the right information from the flood.Somebody who can support their emotions in this speedy time.To make use the right information for the right guidance, thats the role of a teacher now.

Today's teacher has more challenges and they need the right training to handle and understand the students. A teacher must be open to accpet all the changes take place in society and in minds of people. he /she should be adaptable to any changes.

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Manorama Online | Education & Jobs | Achievers |

Manorama Online | Education & Jobs | Achievers |

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The Miracle Of Number 1

I was teaching my students about the prime numbers then I noticed the number one .
the peculiarity about one is that it is neither a prime nor a composite.
that means it is a unique number which has no factors . and 1 is the factor of all numbers.all numbers emerged from one

then i started thinking of Allah .Allah is unique and he is everywhere with everyone. Allah also don't have anyone as a companion.He is the almighty and all others are created by him.

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Article From Hindu on E-learning

Educational videos
Learning is undoubtedly more effective through visual interactive materials. Though traditional textbook continues to be a major educational resource, thanks to the Net, lecture videos are fast becoming an alternative learning tool.
As you may be aware, tens of hundreds of video tutorials on a variety of subjects are available. Brightstorm (, the service that offers several free videos on subjects such as science, mathematics and English is one of the good resources of this kind. In this regard, you may find a visit to the search directory WatchKnowLearn ( beneficial in locating appropriate educational videos.
KhanAcademy's impact
As discussed in the past, KhanAcademy ( is a wonderful educational resource containing concise educational videos on almost all topics.
The highlight of this project is its comprehensive nature. One can find videos that cover the entire spectrum of a subject — you can enter at a basic level and move over to more advanced topics. For instance, the mathematics section contains videos ranging from basic arithmetic to calculus.
Besides videos, KhanAcademy now offers exercise modules and other self-paced learning tools as well.
The growth of KhanAcademy, which has drawn the attention of stalwarts like Bill Gates ( and organisations like Google (, is certainly phenomenal. The impact of KhanAcademy videos on the traditional pedagogic systems is yet to be seen.
It has led to an evaluation by educationists through experiments to compare the classroom performance with and without Khan videos (
The success of the Khan project, whose videos are created single-handedly by one person (, offers us a few pedagogic wisdom bits or insights:
A person, whose basics are strong, can learn any subject, gain expertise and pass on that knowledge to others with ease.
Short videos, focussed solely on a topic, are more effective than longer ones. The Khan videos are of short duration and this might be a factor behind making the project a runaway success.
And, this is an instance of a valuable educational product created without adopting complex tools — KhanAcademy videos are produced with the help of simple tools like SmoothDraw and Camtasia Studio (
It seems the success of KhanAcademy has inspired some instructors to emulate its mode of production and lecture delivery style. The Youtube channel, ‘Mathematicalmonk' (http://www. is an instance of this emerging trend. The site hosts videos on topics such as Probability and Machine Learning. The nature of the videos hosted on this site is similar to the ones available in KhanAcademy — short duration videos produced with simple tools like a pen tablet, SmoothDraw and so on.
Education does not mean learning core subjects (such as science, mathematics, history and the like) alone. Along with those subjects the pedagogic/home environment should offer facilities that help kids learn life lessons too — like how to deal with an antagonistic schoolmate, how to develop positive thinking, leadership qualities and so on. Videos that facilitate such learning tasks are also in place. Speakaboos ( is one such site that addresses this issue.
Teaching/learning projects that help you undertake on-line course on different subjects are also in place — like the community learning project P2PU (teaching/learning by peers for peers), discussed in the past. Yet another service thriving in this segment is the Alison (, an online resource that offers courseware on a variety of topics for free.

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Education websites

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Road Not Taken

                 Insha Allah I am deciding to change my kids school from a reputed CBSE school to a Govt School near by my house.You might be thinking whats great about it . This is becoz  all the parents are running behind private school  which has CBSE syllabus . The kids are just like sack that need to be filled. So I decided not to make kids like that .I want them to be a good human being who can love and care others, concerned about others. I don't want my kids to be so selfish.I wish they can get an exposure to society by joining the Govt School. I feel they will be much relaxed.

The system of Govt School will be different in the methods of teaching. As a teacher I know what it will be. I think the benefits are
They get an exposure to the miniature of our society .
Get more free time to play
They learn with fun
They remain kids at least till 4th
Not much pressure on the kids

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Read Tottochan

After reading it completely  I realized, it was a true story of a girl named Tottochan lived in Japan.The school was in south west Japan during the time of World war II .I felt  lamentable after reading it since the school was destroyed during the war.But fascinated by the Head master's attitude to life .As he says "what sort of School shall we build now".He is not at all sad about the school that was burning in front of him . The very moment he is thinking about the next opportunity in life.  A great lesson by a great educator!

The author wrote about all the characters in the story. The most spellbinding thing about the students was their attitude to life. They are so content in themselves and confident about their abilities

The headmaster allowed the students to develop their innate abilities in a completely free atmosphere.They all flourish  like a blossom in its natural settings without much adult interference.

I wish there is a school like Tomeo in this era to help children understand their surroundings ,nature and fellow students.

Friday, July 8, 2011


A ravishing story of a little girl and her school.It gives an insight to our current education system.
She was thrown out of the usual school and got admission to a distinguished school,where all subjects are taught through experience.

still reading didn't complete yet ,will write more after completing .....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Second day in training

Today we got 4 sessions on different topics l;ike non verbal communication, grammar , vocabuary, and technology,

Its a great opportunity to sit in experienced teachers's classes.

I have to leave now
Will write the details after I come back ..........................................

Monday, June 27, 2011

Learning Continues

                  I joined for a two day program on communicative English for teachers conducted by IGNOU Kochi.Today is the first day, it was a fantastic day for me to interact with lots of teachers, participate in different activities and learn like a child.I have never enjoyed learning in such a way . grasping whatever teachers say and applying and actively participating in all activities

                   The course is designed for teacher s to make their communication effective in classroom and become a role model for all the students. There were lectures from St Teresa's college Ernakulam. Dr,Tessyanthony and Lakshmidevi They gave a very insightful class on Usage of correct pronunciation and the mother Tongue Influence in English language. There was a class give on written communication By Dr Jagdish, he talked about how to write precise and up to the point. He said to practice by prissy writing.

We have class on tomorrow also 9-5.Its a great experience .

I met an interesting person who quit her BDS course and joined for TTC only becoz of her passion to become a teacher . I appreciate her for her courage .Many don't have that courage to go behind our real passion.

Will come up with more interesting things tomorrow Insha allah

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Natural Mystries--Bermuda Triangle

Mystery in Bermuda Triangle

Yesterday  i saw"Gulliver's Travel" Movie with my family.Its a nice movie picturised on the famous story of Gulliver in Lilliput with some more additions . Anyway we enjoyed it very much.In that movie Gulliver is travelling to Bermuda and get caught in the Bermuda triangle hurricane. From that moment Bermuda triangle and its mystery started haunting me and wanted  to know more about it .
Today morning itself i started searching for the mystery .it quite interesting .Lot of ships and planes disappeared at this place and no traces where got .They completely vanished just like something swallowed the ships and planes . This made me more curious
I searched lot of sites and gathered information about it .No one is clear about the exact reason. Only guesses and vague conclusions

In these findings the latest is under the sea there a lot of methane gas beds and these gas bubbles comes out form the deep sea . this gas can swallow the ships and planes into very deep level and leave no trace .
This methane gas is formed by some earlier

Other one is Electronic fog

To be continued ...........

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Memorable day in my life-Lunar Eclipse

The Century's longest and darkest Lunar eclipse on June 16th 2011 starting from 1.00am

             The creator has given me a chance to see the amazing event, live with my naked eyes.My heart is overwhelming with joy. I have never seen any eclipse in my life with my naked eyes.This one was the first such experience. I am thankful to Allah for giving me an opportunity to witness his marvelous creation. Also I was able to participate in the prayer held in the near by mosque.

           I planned at night itself to wake up  at 1. clock .when I shared this with my kids they also were excited to see the Dark Moon. They have seen only the bright moon in their life. I told them it will happen exactly  in the midnight. But they ,especially my son told me that I should wake him up  by pouring some water on his face . He was determined that he want to see the Dark Moon

                       I took only my son with me to see the moon and take part in prayer.Since my daughter is younger, I thought at that time she didn't take it seriously.In the morning she scolded me for not waking her up at night to see the Dark Moon.  She asked me " why didn't you pour water on my face" .That moment I felt I spoiled a memorable event in her life. Still I was happy Allah helped me and my son to see the event.

The experience

             We started from our house at 1.30 am.When we stepped out of the house we saw a brown shaded moon just above our head . It followed us to the mosque.Then we took part in the prayer. We completed a long prayer. My heart was beating so fast since that was my first experience in  life to be a part in  prayer of Lunar Eclipse.

             After the prayer there was a small talk about the creators wonder in the sky and earth by the Imam.In Quran Allah invites your attention to his creations in earth as well as sky and he says only the one who thinks will be able to understand.Its true. Nobody thinks about the wonderful universe Allah have created for us with lot of care and perfection. He draws our attention to see how the sun and moon are moving in their respective orbits without even colliding or overtaking, but nobody thinks.The eclipse is proof for that how precisely and perfectly he made his creation.The next such eclipse will happen after 130 years.

               After the prayer and talk me and my son came back to home .All the way we searched for that  dark moon , but we couldn't see.When  reached home we looked back again if we can see the moon again. For our surprise the moon started playing hide and seek. A small part became visible and again it became dark as if its a new moon day. Then again small part became visible, my son and I was so excited to see this . We stood there for some time watching this wonderful sight.After some time the moon became so dark that we couldn't even identify it in the sky . We  waited for some more time to see the moon, but it didn't  turn up.Then we came back to our house and slept again after witnessing a miracle by the creator.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Read Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Its a beautiful story of Santiago ,going in search of treasure he saw in his dreams

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Its raining

Monsoon started and its raining outside. Its pleasure to see rain falling on the leaves and they enjoy the rain . I like to have a cup of coffee and see the rain.

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A good  site for editing your photos ,you can just select the effect and photofunia will do that to your photo,no need of Photoshop skills...

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Jobs Abroad For Teachers

Through Teach Away, the world's most global teacher placement organization, you have access to the widest variety of teaching jobs within public and private schools overseas.  Teach Away's extensive international network of partners includes Ministries of Education and private ESL schools, as well as elementary, junior, middle, and high schools within the public and private sectors.

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online facilitation

  • What is online facilitation?
  • The word meaning of online facilitation is "to make easier" ,It is making learning and teaching easy with the help of technology.
  • How do these skills differ from face-to-face facilitation?
  • For effective online facilitation it needs the person to be more integrated with technology,update his knowledge in his field.In online facilitation a lot of things can be covered in a short span of time . 
  • What experiences do you have of online facilitation both as a facilitator, and as a participants in a community, network or event?
  • I have made a leap into this field in 2008 Since then i am experimenting researching and working in this field.It is my passion to become an excellent online facilitator.

  • What have you seen work well, and what has worked less well?
  • In online facilitation it is based on the needs of the persons involved determines the structure and duration of course.
  • Learning is according to ones own pace.

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My Grandmother goes online...

My grandmother ,she is almost 90 years old, she enjoys talking with her grandchildren through online.

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Edublogs lets you easily create & manage student & teacher blogs, quickly customize designs
and include videos, photos & podcasts


This site offers online chore and behavior charts to help parents and teachers track their kids' and students' behavior patterns.


Copy editing services

Its a good service for publishers who want to proof read their writing



Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read, and print.


This site is is for making flash animations that you can download post to youtube and facebook.


Its software for white board that can be embedded in blogs or sites.


Its site that helps the teachers take online classes and get paid.
It has a virtual classroom

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Online tutoring

Though it seems like a career that anyone having a degree can achieve. However, it needs a lot of practice and patience. You should be well versed with the technology and trends in this field and constantly updating your knowledge .Experimenting new methods of teaching. Understanding the students from their tone of speaking, we are making an image of a student only with his/her sound. Sometimes that won't match with the real image of that student or person. However, still we are in a good harmony of communication.

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Pearson Education takes stake in India's leading Online Tutoring Company Tutorvista

"Pearson, the world's leading learning company, today announces that it has agreed to increase its shareholding in TutorVista to a controlling 76 percent stake for a consideration of $127 million," said a statement.
"Pearson acquired a minority stake in TutorVista in June 2009 and this transaction takes Pearson's total equity investment in the company to approximately $139 million."
"TutorVista is an innovative and effective education company that we have worked with and respected for several years," Pearson chief executive Marjorie Scardino said in the statement.

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Information about Facilitating online  workshop in Wikieducator
Learning never ends until we die.

It starts the day we born and ends with our death ...

Friday, January 14, 2011


This is a new attempt in the new year 2011.Let's see what happens.....

Each day we are learning new things ,be it an experience or even a word.
Learning becomes meaningful when we use that knowledge in our life.