Saturday, July 9, 2011

Read Tottochan

After reading it completely  I realized, it was a true story of a girl named Tottochan lived in Japan.The school was in south west Japan during the time of World war II .I felt  lamentable after reading it since the school was destroyed during the war.But fascinated by the Head master's attitude to life .As he says "what sort of School shall we build now".He is not at all sad about the school that was burning in front of him . The very moment he is thinking about the next opportunity in life.  A great lesson by a great educator!

The author wrote about all the characters in the story. The most spellbinding thing about the students was their attitude to life. They are so content in themselves and confident about their abilities

The headmaster allowed the students to develop their innate abilities in a completely free atmosphere.They all flourish  like a blossom in its natural settings without much adult interference.

I wish there is a school like Tomeo in this era to help children understand their surroundings ,nature and fellow students.

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