Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Second day in training

Today we got 4 sessions on different topics l;ike non verbal communication, grammar , vocabuary, and technology,

Its a great opportunity to sit in experienced teachers's classes.

I have to leave now
Will write the details after I come back ..........................................

Monday, June 27, 2011

Learning Continues

                  I joined for a two day program on communicative English for teachers conducted by IGNOU Kochi.Today is the first day, it was a fantastic day for me to interact with lots of teachers, participate in different activities and learn like a child.I have never enjoyed learning in such a way . grasping whatever teachers say and applying and actively participating in all activities

                   The course is designed for teacher s to make their communication effective in classroom and become a role model for all the students. There were lectures from St Teresa's college Ernakulam. Dr,Tessyanthony and Lakshmidevi They gave a very insightful class on Usage of correct pronunciation and the mother Tongue Influence in English language. There was a class give on written communication By Dr Jagdish, he talked about how to write precise and up to the point. He said to practice by prissy writing.

We have class on tomorrow also 9-5.Its a great experience .

I met an interesting person who quit her BDS course and joined for TTC only becoz of her passion to become a teacher . I appreciate her for her courage .Many don't have that courage to go behind our real passion.

Will come up with more interesting things tomorrow Insha allah

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Natural Mystries--Bermuda Triangle

Mystery in Bermuda Triangle

Yesterday  i saw"Gulliver's Travel" Movie with my family.Its a nice movie picturised on the famous story of Gulliver in Lilliput with some more additions . Anyway we enjoyed it very much.In that movie Gulliver is travelling to Bermuda and get caught in the Bermuda triangle hurricane. From that moment Bermuda triangle and its mystery started haunting me and wanted  to know more about it .
Today morning itself i started searching for the mystery .it quite interesting .Lot of ships and planes disappeared at this place and no traces where got .They completely vanished just like something swallowed the ships and planes . This made me more curious
I searched lot of sites and gathered information about it .No one is clear about the exact reason. Only guesses and vague conclusions

In these findings the latest is under the sea there a lot of methane gas beds and these gas bubbles comes out form the deep sea . this gas can swallow the ships and planes into very deep level and leave no trace .
This methane gas is formed by some earlier

Other one is Electronic fog

To be continued ...........

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Memorable day in my life-Lunar Eclipse

The Century's longest and darkest Lunar eclipse on June 16th 2011 starting from 1.00am -2.30.am

             The creator has given me a chance to see the amazing event, live with my naked eyes.My heart is overwhelming with joy. I have never seen any eclipse in my life with my naked eyes.This one was the first such experience. I am thankful to Allah for giving me an opportunity to witness his marvelous creation. Also I was able to participate in the prayer held in the near by mosque.

           I planned at night itself to wake up  at 1. clock .when I shared this with my kids they also were excited to see the Dark Moon. They have seen only the bright moon in their life. I told them it will happen exactly  in the midnight. But they ,especially my son told me that I should wake him up  by pouring some water on his face . He was determined that he want to see the Dark Moon

                       I took only my son with me to see the moon and take part in prayer.Since my daughter is younger, I thought at that time she didn't take it seriously.In the morning she scolded me for not waking her up at night to see the Dark Moon.  She asked me " why didn't you pour water on my face" .That moment I felt I spoiled a memorable event in her life. Still I was happy Allah helped me and my son to see the event.

The experience

             We started from our house at 1.30 am.When we stepped out of the house we saw a brown shaded moon just above our head . It followed us to the mosque.Then we took part in the prayer. We completed a long prayer. My heart was beating so fast since that was my first experience in  life to be a part in  prayer of Lunar Eclipse.

             After the prayer there was a small talk about the creators wonder in the sky and earth by the Imam.In Quran Allah invites your attention to his creations in earth as well as sky and he says only the one who thinks will be able to understand.Its true. Nobody thinks about the wonderful universe Allah have created for us with lot of care and perfection. He draws our attention to see how the sun and moon are moving in their respective orbits without even colliding or overtaking, but nobody thinks.The eclipse is proof for that how precisely and perfectly he made his creation.The next such eclipse will happen after 130 years.

               After the prayer and talk me and my son came back to home .All the way we searched for that  dark moon , but we couldn't see.When  reached home we looked back again if we can see the moon again. For our surprise the moon started playing hide and seek. A small part became visible and again it became dark as if its a new moon day. Then again small part became visible, my son and I was so excited to see this . We stood there for some time watching this wonderful sight.After some time the moon became so dark that we couldn't even identify it in the sky . We  waited for some more time to see the moon, but it didn't  turn up.Then we came back to our house and slept again after witnessing a miracle by the creator.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Read Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Its a beautiful story of Santiago ,going in search of treasure he saw in his dreams