Monday, June 27, 2011

Learning Continues

                  I joined for a two day program on communicative English for teachers conducted by IGNOU Kochi.Today is the first day, it was a fantastic day for me to interact with lots of teachers, participate in different activities and learn like a child.I have never enjoyed learning in such a way . grasping whatever teachers say and applying and actively participating in all activities

                   The course is designed for teacher s to make their communication effective in classroom and become a role model for all the students. There were lectures from St Teresa's college Ernakulam. Dr,Tessyanthony and Lakshmidevi They gave a very insightful class on Usage of correct pronunciation and the mother Tongue Influence in English language. There was a class give on written communication By Dr Jagdish, he talked about how to write precise and up to the point. He said to practice by prissy writing.

We have class on tomorrow also 9-5.Its a great experience .

I met an interesting person who quit her BDS course and joined for TTC only becoz of her passion to become a teacher . I appreciate her for her courage .Many don't have that courage to go behind our real passion.

Will come up with more interesting things tomorrow Insha allah

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