Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to learn

How to learn from internet is an issue...

Since there are lot of same notes or lectures available and you will not have time to explore all.

have to make a strategy to learn..

Doing M.Sc maths with computer application

After long years of waiting Allah has granted me the opportunity to join M.Sc Maths from Ignou.
it feels like a heart full joy . now its a challenge for me to complete the course . becoz lot of things to take care and time is the only thing i lack.
But i hope Allah will make things easier for me. In sha Allah.

Its an opportunity to learn in the new era and to be a learner in the world of internet.
Its really amazing to learn things from different universities or even from IITs fo India , the lectures are there in internet .Only one essential thing we need is TIME!!

In sha Allah I have to crack it down.......