Saturday, June 18, 2011

Natural Mystries--Bermuda Triangle

Mystery in Bermuda Triangle

Yesterday  i saw"Gulliver's Travel" Movie with my family.Its a nice movie picturised on the famous story of Gulliver in Lilliput with some more additions . Anyway we enjoyed it very much.In that movie Gulliver is travelling to Bermuda and get caught in the Bermuda triangle hurricane. From that moment Bermuda triangle and its mystery started haunting me and wanted  to know more about it .
Today morning itself i started searching for the mystery .it quite interesting .Lot of ships and planes disappeared at this place and no traces where got .They completely vanished just like something swallowed the ships and planes . This made me more curious
I searched lot of sites and gathered information about it .No one is clear about the exact reason. Only guesses and vague conclusions

In these findings the latest is under the sea there a lot of methane gas beds and these gas bubbles comes out form the deep sea . this gas can swallow the ships and planes into very deep level and leave no trace .
This methane gas is formed by some earlier

Other one is Electronic fog

To be continued ...........

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