Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Road Not Taken

                 Insha Allah I am deciding to change my kids school from a reputed CBSE school to a Govt School near by my house.You might be thinking whats great about it . This is becoz  all the parents are running behind private school  which has CBSE syllabus . The kids are just like sack that need to be filled. So I decided not to make kids like that .I want them to be a good human being who can love and care others, concerned about others. I don't want my kids to be so selfish.I wish they can get an exposure to society by joining the Govt School. I feel they will be much relaxed.

The system of Govt School will be different in the methods of teaching. As a teacher I know what it will be. I think the benefits are
They get an exposure to the miniature of our society .
Get more free time to play
They learn with fun
They remain kids at least till 4th
Not much pressure on the kids


  1. you , really touch my heart , coz the same situation here in international school all subject by english , it is more difficult to them and finally feel they are lose their innocence , i confuse what i can do there is competion over here and all know the future for learn by english but in the same time the time for childhood is running and we can not back it anymore .
    i appreciate you your decision about that and courage to see that , but until now i do not have courage to decide my way .
    thank shijna for share us

  2. Jazakkalla Kahir... Rasha,I alone dont have such a courage to take a decision ,But Allah gave me the courage to take an important decision in life .Becoz nobody knows their future ,the only ability a person need in this world is to cop up with any situation that comes to them and go hand in hand with the it with the help of Allah Subhanathaala.