Thursday, March 24, 2011

online facilitation

  • What is online facilitation?
  • The word meaning of online facilitation is "to make easier" ,It is making learning and teaching easy with the help of technology.
  • How do these skills differ from face-to-face facilitation?
  • For effective online facilitation it needs the person to be more integrated with technology,update his knowledge in his field.In online facilitation a lot of things can be covered in a short span of time . 
  • What experiences do you have of online facilitation both as a facilitator, and as a participants in a community, network or event?
  • I have made a leap into this field in 2008 Since then i am experimenting researching and working in this field.It is my passion to become an excellent online facilitator.

  • What have you seen work well, and what has worked less well?
  • In online facilitation it is based on the needs of the persons involved determines the structure and duration of course.
  • Learning is according to ones own pace.

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