Monday, October 17, 2011

Online Teaching - The Future Of Learning

This field is still in its childhood stage as it doesnt cross its 10 years . But it is a revolutionary change in education and learning.It proved that learning and teaching doesn't need any type of scenes or structures. This is happening only through minds of teacher and learner.It is where the learner needs to concentrate more, to make it completely beneficial.From the teacher's aspect also, she needs to update her knowledge on a daily basis. Here the teacher also becomes a keen learner who needs to fulfill her student's quest for knowledge.

Especially today's children are in the world of opportunities and information exploration.So they need a guide to guide them in straight path. To pick the right information from the flood.Somebody who can support their emotions in this speedy time.To make use the right information for the right guidance, thats the role of a teacher now.

Today's teacher has more challenges and they need the right training to handle and understand the students. A teacher must be open to accpet all the changes take place in society and in minds of people. he /she should be adaptable to any changes.

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